Alex Tembel

A resident of Quebec since 2009, Alex Tembelhas a Master’s degree from the American Business School in Paris. The married father of three teenagers is an expert in Equifax and TransUnion credit reports and in credit ratings.

He is also the founder of the Quebec Orphans' Foundation and a member of the Laval Chapter of BNI Business Élites, a networking group for business leaders with 280,000 members worldwide. Family, the economy and health care are all issues that are close to his heart, and that he intends to defend along with the CPQ.

“The Quebec health care system is in dire straits; nothing works anymore and people are dying in emergency rooms despite an annual budget of $50 billion that represents half of the total Quebec budget! We cannot let this system continue putting the lives of all our citizens at risk. The CPQ is the only party defending the fundamental and universal right of access to health care for all citizens by proposing, among other things, to allow the private sector to contribute to the public system.”

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