Ange Claude Bigilimana

Engineer and building consultant of Rwandan origin, Ange Claude Bigilimana has a bachelor's degree in electrical engineering from the École de technologie supérieure, he also holds a diploma in natural sciences from the Cégep Montmorency.  

He has been a project manager for over 4 years and is the owner of a housekeeping business.The political divide in Quebec society saddens him and the desire to bring together rather than divide motivates him to enter politics.

 “As an active citizen who cares about the well being of my host country, I have decided to join the movement of our leader Eric Duhaime by running for the Conservative Party of Quebec. As they say so often, we have to take over politics to avoid that politics takes us over. I want to make the voice of the citizens of Mille-Îles heard, regardless of their language, their origins or their beliefs within the National Assembly of Quebec.”

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