Anne Casabonne

A resident of Montreal's South Shore, Anne Casabonne studied dramatic arts at UQAM. Her talents for theatre and television have been recognized and appreciated by the public, most notably in La Galère, Unité 9, Complexe G, District 31, Les Zigotos and Macaroni Tout Garni.

“It is with my personal commitment and all my determination, as well as in the spirit of continuity, loyalty and steadfastness, that I want to become the next MNA for Iberville. To make this transition with confidence, I will draw on Claire Samson’s experience in the field. I will take inspiration from the ties she has already created with the community, and from the knowledge she has passed on to me, to respond to the needs and concerns of the people, businesses and organizations in the riding, all while contributing my own will, courage, tenacity, audacity and ability to really listen.”

[email protected]
(450) 924-5963

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