Benoit Cloutier

Benoît Cloutier’s career in the Canadian Armed Forces began when he was only 17. Over his next 33 years in the military, Mr. Cloutier served in a variety of different roles, including as a United Nations Peacekeeper. He and his family also lived in Germany for 4 years.

Having retired in 2013, the veteran now wants to continue his public service in a different way. This is why he has decided to join the Conservative Party of Quebec.

“I have spent my life serving others, ensuring their safety and fighting to protect their freedoms. One thing I know for sure is that freedom and democracy can never be taken for granted. We have all witnessed the dangerous excesses over the last two years in Quebec. The values underlying the Conservatives’ proposals are identical with my own: respect for citizens’ autonomy, transparent governance, and a state that respects the hard work behind every dollar entrusted to it, and spends it accordingly.”

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