Bonnie Feigenbaum

Bonnie Feigenbaum is a 53-year-old Hampstead resident who entered public life in the early 2000s during the merger debates and was elected Hampstead Councilor in 2005, serving two terms.


Actively involved with the Liberals at both the federal and provincial levels, she served as a federal MP's chief of staff for two years and was involved as a volunteer with the Quebec Liberal riding association of D'Arcy-McGee since 2014.  Professionally, Bonnie lectures in the Parliamentary Governance program at McGill University and in the Marketing and Management departments at Concordia University's John Molson School of Business. She also does marketing consulting through her own agency, Bonnidée Services.

“Since the 2018 defeat the Quebec Liberal Party has been floundering with no fundamental values or vision. I stopped seeing myself in my party and it seemed to me as a marketing research lecturer that they were positioning by poll not by soul. The initial support of Bill 96 by Dominique Anglade's liberals was the final straw for me and many people in our community. Since then, I refamiliarized myself with the other parties represented in the National Assembly. When I read the platform and values of the Quebec Conservative Party, led by Eric Duhaime, many points clicked. What I like the most about it is the free votes which means that Conservative MNAs are supposed to vote the way their electorate wants not how their party demands, serving the people who voted them in.”

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