Catherine St-Clair

Catherine St-Clair, a native of Algiers and a French citizen, has been living in Montreal for 35 years and working as a business executive since 2007. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science from the University of Toronto, and both a Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry and a Diploma in Education from McGill University.


A committed humanist, she has honed her communication and outreach skills through teaching and founded her own company helping newcomers to Quebec to master the French language. She also worked as a marketing consultant for the pharmaceutical industry for 15 years and is working right now in a crown corportation. 

"I was surprised by the absence of opposition among the parties for 3 years, the absence of debates, the blindness to economic reality, the non-consideration of individual rights and the passivity in the face of growing debt and inflation. Éric Duhaime's platform reflects my values: inclusive, focused on a future based on our own strengths, a party where merit and personal values are valued more than blind allegiance to a single scenario. What particularly touches me in Saint-Laurent county is the multi-ethnic composition of its population. My life experience made me aware of the cause of immigrants, the difficulty of settling in a new country and rebuilding everything. I am also sensitive to the cause of traders and workers who have lost a lot during the lockdowns. It is with pride and loyalty that I will defend the cause of voters in Saint-Laurent."

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