Chakib Saad

Chakib Saad holds an MBA from Concordia University, a post-MBA certificate from McGill University and a Bachelor of Science in microbiology from Université de Montréal.

With twenty years of experience in the pharmaceutical and health care industries, he comes from a background in which discussion and reflection on current and future policy issues have always been a big part of life, and his candidacy is motivated by a strong desire to return full autonomy to the people.

“Over the past two years, the foundations of our Quebecois identity have been put on hold without clear explanations, and without clear accountability; to put it plainly, without justification. I notice certain factions dangerously undermining our social harmony. It is time to restore the spirit of living together peacefully so that Quebec remains a place consistent with the values of freedom, respect and tolerance that are at the heart of this province’s identity.”

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