Claude Paquin

Claude Paquin has been employed at the Montreal General Hospital for 32 years and is now entering provincial politics. Mr. Paquin previously ran as a councillor in the municipal elections for the city of Mascouche in 2013.

The two issues that particularly affect him and that convinced him to join the Conservative team: giving all Quebecers a break by lowering taxes and overhauling Quebec’s health care system.

"I have worked in the health care system for three decades. I have seen its slow and constant degradation over the years and how the negative impacts on the people who need it are glaring. It is urgent to add the contribution of the private sector to the public system, it is time to give back the freedom of choice to Quebecers who need care. Preserving universal public insurance is non-negotiable. Ensuring quality services for all within a reasonable time frame is also non-negotiable. Only the Conservative Party proposes this different approach and I am convinced that it is the best one."

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