Eloïse Coulombe

At only 19, Eloïse Coulombe stands out for her analytical mind and her keen interest in politics, particularly in matters related to individual rights, health, and the responsible development of natural resources. 

A student at Cégep de Valleyfield in paralegal studies, she is actively involved in the community of Côteau-du-Lac, notably as a water safety instructor, lifeguard, and theatre and improvisation instructor for children. Ms. Coulombe says she can relate to the policies of the Conservative Party of Quebec. According to her, Mr. Duhaime’s proposals are “concrete and realistic.” The young “Coteaulacoise” is also an avid skydiver who loves writing, art, running and hiking.

“The Quebec Conservative Party is a party of hope that has the potential to change things for the better. I want to be part of it. I share the same fundamental values as the party, especially on transparency, and the freedom and autonomy of citizens. In addition, the development of Quebec’s resources is an important issue for me. It is more harmful to transport resources from other countries than to use the resources under our feet in a responsible way. This would be a big step towards Quebec’s autonomy and a great step forward for the protection of the environment.”

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