Emmanuel Da Costa

Emmanuel Da Costa grew up in the heart of the Mont-Royal plateau where he still lives.

The 43-year-old father graduated in 2004 from the International Academy of Design and Technology and has been self-employed as an interior designer for 11 years. A true conservative, he shares the ideologies and policies that define the party;  reducing taxes, less government interference, natural resource development, etc. It is for a freer and more prosperous Quebec that he gets involved in active politics.

“Here in Mercier (Plateau Mont-Royal), it is a community where people get together with their neighbors and friends in the parks, small shops, cafes, restaurants, bars, gyms, etc. Our houses are small and often without a courtyard, but we have our Plateau in all its greatness. When our government forbade us to meet our loved ones, when it closed down all businesses and prohibited our entertainment and activities, it destroyed life on the Plateau Mont-Royal. To preserve our quality of life, the goal is simple: to defend the rights to freedom of all individuals and businesses.”

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