Éric Girard

Éric Girard, 25, is currently studying economics at Université du Québec à Chicoutimi (UQAC). Over much of the course of his studies in accounting, economics, and international trade, he worked for the Bank of Montreal.

Mr. Girard is currently employed by Rio Tinto Alcan. Well known for his advocacy in favour of economic development in the Saguenay, over the past three years he has been very involved in promoting the LNG Quebec project in his region.

y academic background and the debate around LNG Quebec have sparked my interest in politics. I want our region to be prosperous. We have the infrastructure and the know-how; we just need the political will. The Conservative Party of Quebec is the only party that clearly supports the responsible development of our natural resources. Quebec has to become self-sufficient in energy and we have to create wealth in our regions. All of Quebec will benefit from this.”

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