Ernesto Almeida

Originally from Cuba, Ernesto Almeida came to Canada in 2001. He graduated from the Ciudad Libertad Technological Institute in car body manufacturing.

He has been working in this field at Carrosserie Multi Marques in Saint-Sulpice since 2007. He volunteers as vice-president of the Cuba Independiente Democratica Association, an NGO that raises funds to help Cuban newcomers to Quebec and sends humanitarian aid to Cuba.

"When I finally made it out of Cuba and sought political asylum in Canada, I arrived in a free country, a prosperous country, a country in which my voice was finally heard. In the last two years, things have changed. Through his repressive decisions, Mr. Legault has gradually taken away from Quebecers all the good things that can only come from freedom. What the children have been made to experience is simply appalling, and the disastrous consequences for them are immeasurable. For Quebecers to have to go through what I went through in Cuba is out of the question, and so is the prospect of me or my descendants living through communism again.”

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