Evan Leblanc

Originally from Cap-aux-Meules, Evan Leblanc recently moved to Pointe-aux-Loups and works in the field of transportation. Distinguished by his analytical and empathetic spirit, he wishes to bring hope, freedom, and pragmatic solutions to his fellow citizens.

The values of freedom, transparency, respect, and autonomy espoused by the CPQ, as well as Éric Duhaime’s very human approach and ability to listen, have motivated Mr. Leblanc’s decision to actively enter politics. Although he is very pleased with the contribution of tourism to the economic vitality of his Island, Mr. Leblanc is concerned about the difficulties experienced by islanders in finding housing, and he laments the fact that residents do not have priority access to the ferry:

“Islanders are caught between a rock and a hard place, the economic vitality of our community thanks to tourism versus our struggles to find housing and to get ferry access. Many homes are being taken off the rental market to be offered for seasonal tourist rentals. The result is a severe housing shortage for residents, who, on top of this, are denied priority access to the ferry. This is unacceptable! We have to decentralize decision-making to the regions.”

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