Evelyne Latreille

Evelyne Latreille is a figure skating coach and director of sports concentration for the borough of Outremont, as well as a patient care attendant at the Pierre-Boucher Hospital.

Also a student at UQAM, she is completing a Bachelor’s degree in psychology, in addition to having don a major in film studies and a minor in arts and sciences. Her interest in politics grew during the pandemic because of the excessive measures put in place by the Legault government. This self-described sportswoman believes that the closures of training centres and the hard limitations on sports activities in recent years have had a serious negative impact on the moral and physical health of the population, particularly among the young.

“I want to stand up for all citizens, but especially for children, so that they don't have to live in the kind of world we have experienced over the past few years, a world controlled by the government. I want to give citizens back their rights to make their own decisions without being threatened or punished. I have witnessed first-hand the psychological distress among young people as sports centres closed, opened, closed and opened again, as competitions were cancelled, age limits were imposed, and immunization status became a criterion for children to practise their sport.”

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