Geneviève Deneault

​Describing herself as an ​​advocate by nature, Geneviève Deneault is a face known to reality TV lovers.

In 2008-2009, in her early twenties, she participated in two editions of the famous Loft Story. At the age of 30, Ms. Deneault embarked on a career in the automotive industry, first in sales and then in financing. ​Now in her forties, she has decided to enter politics with the Conservative party of Quebec to improve the lives of her fellow citizens.

“I decided to take action rather than watch the train pass by. It's a very motivating new challenge and I'm not afraid to take it up! I want to make a difference and that is why I proudly join the Conservative Party. The only party willing to stand up for our rights and bring forward new ideas through this pandemic was the Conservative Party. I have a great deal of respect for this and I want to get involved!“

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