Ian Lavallée

A lineman for Bell Canada for twelve years, Ian Lavallée has lived in Sainte-Anne-des-Plaines since 2007. He is also a contractor and owner of Scellants LP, a company specializing in road and pavement markings, and installation of diverse coatings such as asphalt sealant and polymers.

His desire to enter politics is the product of reflection that began several years ago. The situation of the last two years has convinced him to join the Conservatives.

“I am committed to ensuring that Quebec has access to an efficient and effective health care system that combines private and public contributions while maintaining universal insurance. Quebecers deserve to have quick access to a doctor, to receive treatment within a reasonably short period of time and to choose how they access that care. I also support the CPQ’s proposals to lower taxes and to make Quebec a more autonomous province through the development of our natural resources.”

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 (450) 390-6067

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