Isabelle Baril

A former teacher and accomplished businesswoman, Isabelle Baril is known in her field as a hands-on woman who is in tune with the people. She has been involved as a volunteer for nearly 20 years, tutoring at the elementary school level.

Exchanges with her fellow citizens, and the events of the last few months have driven her to reflect on the situation in Quebec, and this has convinced her to take the plunge into politics in hopes of bringing about real change.

“I am joining the Conservative Party of Quebec because it is the only party proposing concrete solutions to the important problems with both health care and the economy. Democracy and individual freedoms are sacred to me and are at the heart of the party’s values. I am also committed to defending certain issues important to our region, such as transportation, accessibility of daycare for families, preservation of green spaces versus urban sprawl, and the health care system.”

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(450) 600-4916

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