Isabelle Champagne

A mother of four and grandmother of two, Isabelle Champagne is the owner of a restaurant she opened with her husband in December 2019 at Lac Kénogami.

In mid-March of 2020, they were forced to close their business and they have suffered from the financial stresses of the alternating closures and openings of businesses over the past two and a half years. The repercussions of the CAQ’s policies, both economically and for human resources, represent a daily struggle for the owners of this young enterprise even now.

“This business is our life, our livelihood. No one has the right to take it away from us. We are still struggling with staff shortages and with shortened opening hours because we have no one to work for us, and that means lower earnings. My restaurant brings me into daily contact with people of all ages who have suffered a lot and who are still suffering. So, I decided I had to act and make the leap with the Conservative Party of Quebec.

Éric Duhaime is the only one who has properly stood up for entrepreneurs. He is the only one who is proposing concrete fiscal measures to lighten the burden on taxpayers. I am confident that, with him, things will improve for Quebec entrepreneurs. I am very touched by the people and the amount of division in our population disturbs me enormously, because I have grandchildren, and I want them to have the future they are entitled to.”

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