Jayson Paquette Gendron

A 29-year-old carpenter and entrepreneur, Jayson Paquette Gendron decided to get involved with the only party that offers real hope for change, especially when it comes to dialling back the omnipresence of a government “that puts the brakes on growth in business.”

Concerned for the respect of citizens’ rights and freedoms, he wishes to put his shoulder to the wheel to make the health care system competitive and functional, and to find solutions to the housing crisis rampant in his community. A native of Saint-Jérôme, Jayson has been living in Montreal for three years and describes himself as a Francophone who had the opportunity to do his studies in English, an asset that hethinks should be an option for all Quebec families.

“I no longer recognize the Quebec I have loved so much; respect for individual freedom has disappeared. I want to represent the silent majority who don’t like what’s happening, but who are unable to express their disagreement. The idea is to make room for the private market in order to optimize management, financing and profitability. You have the right to demand that your money be managed properly. The government needs to help companies without being overbearing; I believe I can make a difference to that.”

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