Joëlle Jammal

Born in Beirut, Lebanon, 10-year-old Joëlle Jammal and her family arrived in Canada in 1990. After obtaining her first baccalaureate (microbiology – immunology), she worked on quality control in the pharmaceutical sector. Looking for a career closer to people, she left her job to complete a baccalaureate in nursing. 

In 2010, she graduated with a third baccalaureate in pharmacy. Established in Cantley since 2014, she substitutes throughout the Outaouais.

"Every day, I witness the consequences of the Legault government’s measures on my patients. I see a lot of psychological distress in people of all ages. I recognize myself in Mr. Duhaime’s speech. We share the same commitment to respect for our individual freedoms. His platform is coherent and logical, it unites all generations. Our Charter is under attack. The core of my code of ethics is under attack. My government no longer acknowledges the value of the word "consent", instead of being free and informed, it has become extorted. Our individual freedoms are being violated, lockdown after lockdown, curfew after curfew, for no good reason or logic."

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