Jonathan Poulin

A native of Saint-Georges who has lived in Montreal for several years now, Jonathan Poulin studied accounting and management at Cégep Beauce-Appalaches. He then obtained a Bachelor’s degree in civil law from the University of Ottawa, followed by a Doctorate in common law (J.D.) from Université de Montréal.


The 30-year-old lawyer is well aware of the issues that concern his home region, including the labour shortage, the need to balance regional training courses with immigration, and the desperate need for community health services and home care.

“In my opinion, the Conservative Party of Quebec is the only party that promises real, in-depth change to correct all the things currently going wrong in Quebec. I can connect with the values the party defends, and the solutions they propose line up nicely with my own personal values. Today, I am both happy and proud to enter politics under the banner of the Conservatives and to be able to participate in these major changes.”

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