Karim Elayoubi

Originally from the Saguenay, Dr. Karim Elayoubi has settled in the Argenteuil region for good. Working mostly as a general practitioner at the Argenteuil Medical Centre, which he co-owns with his two colleagues, he also practices as an emergency physician at the Lachute Hospital, as well as acting as senior health advisor on the provincial team of the health care committee formed by Éric Duhaime.

Dr. Elayoubi completed his medical education at Université Laval and Université de Montréal, and did his residency in family medicine in Amos, Quebec. His Argenteuil Medical Centre, which replaces the Argenteuil Polyclinic on Rue Principale, is set up like an FMG (Family Medicine Group), but with more services including a small surgery room. His extensive experience in both family and emergency medicine means he understands the realities and the most pressing issues in the sector.

“I want to participate in the debates, and if I am elected, all the better! I have seen too many failures on the ground. My priority is medicine. I will certainly continue to serve my patients, I will not make orphans of them. I am a workaholic who can spend 80 hours a week at my job. I have studied so many years to practice! Now I want to devote a few years of my life to public policy to improve the system.”

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