Katya Rossokhata

Katya Rossokhata, born in Kyiv, Ukraine, works in the restaurant industry.

Holder of a DEC in pure and applied sciences from Marianopolis College, she also received a bachelor’s degree in biochemistry with distinction from McGill University and pursued a master’s degree in human genetics from 2017 to 2020, again at McGill. According to Ms.Rossokhata, we must be bold and innovative in health care, education and the economy. 

“I want to go back to the Quebec I came to in the early 2000s. I want to return to a land of freedom where everything is possible, a prosperous, welcoming province filled with joy. Government is essential to outline a general framework that allows each individual to thrive within that framework, however it must not hold citizens back with layers of regulations that extinguish the flame. Allowing people to innovate means making our society better in all respects. That is what the Conservative Party is offering Quebecers, and it is the only party to do so.

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