Lise Couture

Lise Couture holds a diploma in professional cuisine and a DEP in enterprise start-up. She has been working in CPEs for 17 years. Growing up in Gatineau, she was a student at Le Carrefour Highschool.  

Mrs. Couture is firmly rooted in her community, where she has lived for most of her life. At age 55, the young grandmother has been involved for several years in various groups and organizations, including the Poules Urbaines pilot project in Gatineau, the national multi-Union comity of Revisions for CPE nutrition managers, the CSN Audit Committee - CPE Outaouais and the conservative party riding association in Chapleau.

"This is a dramatic situation because it endangers not only the health of patients, but the health of health care workers as well. We can clearly see how many people go on sick leave as a result of exhaustion. I'm passionate about standing up for justice... I hate injustice. What went up over the last few years is socially and economically unacceptable. This must never happen again."

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