Louise Poudrier

Louise Poudrier is a native of Amos, Quebec, but has been living in Montreal for the past twenty years. She has been employed at the Ministry of Immigration, Francisation and Integration since 2006, and has worked as a francisation policy and program advisor for the past two years.

She previously held several positions in this same Ministry, including as a professor of francisation, of literacy, of English, and of Spanish as a second language. Describing herself as a woman of heart, passionately in love with both truth and freedom, she joins the ranks of the CPQ inspired and proud “that Éric Duhaime is standing up and condemning the abusive public health measures and political choices of the CAQ, measures counterproductive to Quebec’s prosperity at all levels (health, economics, environment, culture, etc.). 

“Éric Duhaime brings a proactive attitude and approach to offering constructive and inclusive alternatives for the people of Quebec. Moreover, he is in favour of freedom of expression. This is essential in a democracy. I believe that if we want to see change in our society, everyone has to put their shoulders to the wheel together.

I’m doing it for our children and grandchildren who have been masked despite being the least at risk, I’m doing it for our elderly who have suffered so much from their isolation, I’m doing it for our economy, for our rich, yet under-exploited creative potential that is still suffering from all the restrictions imposed over the last two years. In short, I’m doing it to ensure that Quebec has the brightest possible future so that everyone may flourish.”

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