Luc Martel

A carpenter by profession, Luc Martel is a well-known building contractor in the region.

He has been realizing both residential and commercial projects in the Lac-Saint-Jean region since 2010. Mr. Martel is the father of two children and a native of Alma, where he still lives. During the live broadcasts on social networks, he said he felt very compelled by Éric Duhaime’s authenticity and by the fact that he is very in touch with people’s concerns.

“Over the past two years I have witnessed too many people and businesses suffering due to the confinement measures. I couldn’t just sit at home and say nothing and that is why I decided to get involved in politics. And, in general, the values of the CPQ resonate very strongly with me. At the local level the Alma/Saguenay highway, which is still not completed, is an issue for the region that I intend to defend.”

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