Lucien Koty

Originally from Dasso in Benin, Lucien Koty arrived in Quebec 30 years ago. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in science and technology from the University of Benin and a Master’s degree in operations research from the École Polytechnique in Montreal, his home town for the past 29 years.

Mr. Koty is 59 years old and has been working as an IT consultant for the past four years.

"I am entering politics because the convictions and the human and societal values that drive me have been profoundly affected since the onset of the major global crisis that is COVID. In effect, my basic rights and freedoms are no longer being respected.Having spent a part of my youth in countries where individual rights and freedoms are routinely violated, I quickly understood that the future of our society is no longer bright and that I must do my best to stop its descent into hell. The only party that can put Quebec back on the right track, improving health care,reinvigorating our economy, and protecting our environment without forgetting our social lives, is and remains the Conservative Party of Quebec."

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