Marie-Renée Raymond

Originally from Port-au-Prince, Haiti, Marie-Renée Raymond immigrated to Canada in 2008. She soon chose Baie-Comeau to settle down in and she has been living there for 10 years.

A graduate of the Centre de Formation Professionnelle Fierbourg, an educational institution in Quebec City, Ms. Raymond has been working as a nursing assistant at a CHSLD in her new hometown since 2012.

"As a nursing assistant, I am very moved by what our seniors are going through. I want to work to increase the number of places available in CHSLDs and RPAs. The waiting lists are extremely long, and families who are caring for their loved ones all by themselves need some help.
We also need to find ways to keep our youth in this magnificent part of the nation. The CPQ believes in the initiative and ingenuity of Quebecers, and the whole region will be enriched by their policies. I would also like working parents not to have to worry about finding a place in a daycare centre.”

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