Marika Robitaille

Marika Robitaille is 28 years old and the mother of three young children aged six, four and one. Originally from Loretteville, she and her family have been living in Saint-Raymond for several years. She has a passion for travel and has been working in the field for a decade.


The disproportionate health measures imposed by the current government have adversely affected the young mother and her family over the past two years, especially on a psychological level. She is entering politics to ensure that no government can ever again rule Quebec by decree and without opposition.

“I saw the distress in my children’s eyes and in the eyes of my friends’ teenagers. I saw years wasted in isolation and physical inactivity, with kids dropping out of school and suffering psychological distress. I watched my grandparents’ general health deteriorating as they remained isolated. I will never forgive the government for what they have done to our children and our seniors, for the way they have treated entrepreneurs and for the divisions they have created and fuelled in families, between colleagues, and between friends and neighbours. It is high time we changed things and the Conservative Party of Quebec is the way to do that successfully.”

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