Mario Lyonnais

Mario Lyonnais has been mayor of Sainte-Françoise-de-Lotbinière for the past 25 years and prefect of the Bécancour Regional County Municipality for nearly 10 years.

A good listener in touch with his community, Mr. Lyonnais is known as a man of action with a kind heart and a knack for finding consensus. These qualities have been in evidence time and again during his career in Municipal politics and during his successful management of numerous projects. He has also been running the family business, Ferme Laitière Lyonnais et Fils, since 1984.

“What convinced me to get involved with the Conservative Party of Quebec was its transparency and its connection with the people. Éric Duhaime’s simplicity as well. He is a naturally good man who is close to the people, the kind of person I have considered it my own duty to be for my fellow citizens throughout my career.”

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