Martin Lamontagne-Lacasse

Martin Lamontagne-Lacasse holds a BA in biochemistry and a master’s degree in kinanthropology with specialization in sports nutrition and gerontology from the Université de Sherbrooke. The 48-year-old former Canadian Armed Forces reservist is a kinesiologist at the Kin Impact medical and athletic institute in Magog.

Great athlete, he has to his credit a dozen Ironman completed successfully. Driven by a strong desire to help establish better policies that provide more freedom of choice and hope for a better future for Quebecers, he proudly joins the Conservative family.

“Over the course of my military career, I have been in charge of managing operations in the field, both in Canada and abroad. My mission was to establish conditions conducive to security, development and legitimate governance. I realized how lucky we were to live in a free country until we, too, were deprived of some of our basic rights. I proudly join the Conservative Party of Quebec, the only alternative leading to restore the true value of democracy and reinstate our individual rights.“

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 (819) 272-8667

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