Martine Boucher

Martine Boucher has been an early childhood educator in a CPE for 21 years. The Saint-Hubert resident has witnessed the daily challenges families have faced over the past two years, including parents’ difficulties in juggling telecommuting at the same time as their childrens’ online schooling. 

She has seen multiple families hit by layoffs, bankruptcies and depressions. A former union delegate for her work team from 2012 to 2021, she has been actively involved with the Conservative Party of Quebec in the Vachon riding for several months.Ms. Boucher is deeply committed to protecting parental rights and to uncovering the truth of what really happened in residential and long-term care centres (CHSLD) during the pandemic.

“One of my main motivations for joining the Conservative Party of Quebec is to protect our individual rights, rights that have lately been grossly violated. I also care deeply about the issue of parental primacy, and about the need to determine exactly what happened to our seniors in the CHSLDs. We absolutely need an independent public inquiry to shed light on this. This must never happen again! The only ones properly denouncing the injustice and incoherence of the current government’s decisions are the Conservatives and their leader Éric Duhaime.”

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