Marylaine Bélair

Since 2019, Marylaine Bélair has been a financial controller with UNiRO, a Sherbrooke-based company specializing in robotic process automation, of which she is also a shareholder.

The government's lack of transparency regarding pandemic management, the lack of compassion and empathy for the collateral damage caused by health measures imposed on Quebecers, as well as the issue of parental primacy are of concern for the mother of 5 children, to the point where the call for involvement in active politics has become urgent.

"We may not like the CAQ government’s decisions and choose not to vote for them in the next election, but it takes more than that. It takes the people's involvement to have a true democracy and I have decided that this involvement starts with me. I teach my kids that we can be unhappy about everything in life and we can blame everyone, but what are we doing to bring about the changes we want? This is what I decided to do when I became a candidate for the Conservative Party of Quebec. I can't wait to meet people, talk to them, and understand their concerns."

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