Mathieu Chenard

Mathieu Chenard has lived in Stoke since 2004, and at 46 years-old is the father of four children. Raised in Beebe Plain, he started working in one of the local granite factories at the age of 18.

An entrepreneur by nature, Chenard launched his first company at the age of 26, specialising in the manufacture of granite countertops. This was followed in 2011 by the founding of three more companies in the real estate and automotive sectors. He decided to become actively involved in politics after witnessing the devastation Quebec has suffered since March 2020.

“The CPQ’s platform is simply a reflection of the common sense that Quebecers need. My priority is the state of the health care system, whose extreme fragility became obvious with the arrival of COVID. We all knew about it, but now we can no longer ignore it. This has been going on for more than 30 years. The health system needs structural reforms. We have an aging population in Quebec, we know that more and more people will need care, and we are far from ready. It's time to implement the Quebec Conservative Party’s health care proposals.”

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