Maxime Perron-Tellier

Maxym Tellier-Perron holds a DEC in social sciences, with a specialization in psychology. He continued his studies at Université de Sherbrooke with a Bachelor’s degree in applied political studies, with a focus on law. During the pandemic he decided to put his academic career on hold to come back to live in Val d'Or.


After working as a computer technician at ProHost Network for a year, in January of 2022 the 28-year-old candidate decided to launch his own computer company, Service Web Amachamax. Involved in the Conservative Party of Quebec for quite a few years now, Mr. Tellier-Perron ran under their banner in the provincial election of 2014 as a candidate in the riding of Abitibi-Est.

“If we want to solve the housing crisis when there is not enough vacant land in the region, municipalities are going to have to allow high-rise buildings. It does not make sense for housing here to be the same price as in Montreal but without the same neighbourhood services. The scarcity of housing is a real problem. Increasing the number of dwellings built on the same area of land seems to me to be an excellent solution to increasing the supply.”

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