Mischa White

34-year-old Mischa White is an instructor for the Canadian Rangers, which leads him to work with Inuit communities on the tundra of Nunavik. He was also a carpenter, a reservist for the Canadian army for 17 years and a veteran of the war in Afghanistan.


Affirming that the last few years have led him to realize the need to "change course in Quebec", he made the leap into politics in order to take concrete action with the only party that shared his own values. In particular, he mentions his desire to "free our education system from the limits imposed by government managers" and to restore the freedom to citizens to make their own decisions regarding their health and their lives in general, without fear of coercive measures of State.

“I want our health care system to be competitive, that Quebecers really get their money's worth and, above all, that their freedom is never again limited by the need to save an already broken system.”

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