Mylène Bouchard

After earning a Bachelor’s degree in nutrition from Université Laval, Mylène Bouchard changed her career focus to digital marketing, a field she has been working in since 2017.


Settled in the Quebec City region for some twenty years now, Ms. Bouchard was actively involved with Éric Duhaime’s campaign for the leadership of the CPQ. She subsequently accepted the position of President of the party’s financing committee in the spring of 2021. A new mother, she is concerned about the Quebec that will be left to future generations.

"An omnipresent state involved in every aspect of people’s lives, a refusal to develop our natural resources intelligently, an exploding debt, and a health care system that collectively costs us a fortune, but whose extreme fragility was the main reason the government now in power deprived us of our freedom: is this really the Quebec we love and want to pass on to our children? NO! I refuse to let my province continue on this path. I will fight to stop this so Quebec may once again become a place that offers hope to everyone, a place where life is good. For me, the Conservative Party of Quebec is the only party that will allow us to reverse the present trend.”

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