Nancy Lalancette

Born and raised in Chibougamau, Nancy Lalancette has been working as a nurse practitioner for 12 years. Alongside her job, she is currently studying to become a social aid complementary counselor and hopes to graduate within a month.

Being the mother of three daughters and grandmother of four, Mrs Lalancette wants to leave behind a province where life is good, where it is possible to express oneself without fear of reprisals and where every hope and dream is possible.

"There is an urgent need to address the health care system globally and bring about real reforms, not superficial changes. We have seen this for at least 30 years: this false solution of injecting money into it is simply futile and all Quebecers, both users and workers, are suffering from the deterioration of our healthcare system. Of all parties, only the Conservative Party has different and innovative proposals to get it back on track, and only the Conservative Party is proposing to decentralize decisions to the regions."

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