Patric Viau

After graduating from Cégep de Valleyfield at 19 years-old, in 2010 Patric Viau became the youngest real estate broker in Québec.

After starting his career at the National Bank as a mortgage development manager, he later worked on the Lac-Mégantic railway repair project in the railway industry, and for Agritex Saint-Polycarpe as a farm machinery technician. Now 33 years old, he has recently returned to the world of mortgage brokerage, joining the Signature financial group. One of the issues the young father intends to defend both in his riding, and more broadly in Quebec, is the reorganization of the health care system:

“My wife, my mother, and my sister all work in the health care system. My grandmother is in a home for the elderly. They tell me about their experiences, what they are living through and their reality. The health care system, as it is now, is sick, and it needs to be overhauled from top to bottom. This is why allowing private input into the public health system can play such a significant role in ensuring that there is equitable access to high-quality and timely care for everyone, all while maintaining universal public insurance.”

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