Pier-Luc Bouchard

A native and current resident of Gaspé, Pier-Luc Bouchard has a degree in natural sciences from the Cégep de Gaspé and in paramedic care from the Cégep de Sainte-Foy.

Mr. Bouchard has worked as a paramedic for fifteen years. He also owns income properties and has run his own construction company, Construction PLB, for the past six years. The front-line medical worker is very concerned about the state of Quebec’s health care system, the critical labour shortage and the urgent need to reduce gasoline taxes.

“In accordance with the CPQ’s proposal, we absolutely must allow the private sector to contribute to the public health care system. As things stand right now, all Quebecers are paying the price. It does not make sense for a failing system to be collectively costing us $1 billion a week. As an ambulance driver, I experience highly aberrant patient care situations on a daily basis. The entire population deserves better than this, health care workers deserve better than this, and the only party with the potential to make real changes is the CPQ.”

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