Pierre-Marc Boyer

A lawyer by trade, Pierre-Marc Boyer has been working in the field of construction law, more specifically in the area of guarantee plans, for seven years. He also holds a Bachelor’s degree in journalism from UQAM.

He has been active on the political scene for many years on both the federal and provincial levels and has been involved in multiple election campaigns for the ADQ, the CAQ and the CPC in the past. Me Boyer is now a member of the Conservative Party of Quebec and contributed to Anne Casabonne’s campaign in the riding of Marie-Victorin.

“I have been appalled to see an exponential erosion of our rights and freedoms being driven mostly by political reasoning rather than by science. The imposition of abusive, discriminatory, and even murderous measures in connection with the COVID pandemic have shocked me deeply and strike me as profoundly unjust. I identify strongly with the platform of the CPQ and with party leader Éric Duhaime. I have great confidence in him.”

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