Robert Daigle

Robert Daigle, 53, has been living in Duhamel-Ouest for the past 6 years. A graduate of the Cégep de l'Outaouais in police tech and of the Quebec National Police School, he has worked in the mining and forestry sectors as a drilling operations supervisor with Assini Drilling and as a drilling operations manager in West Africa. 

He was also president of the union at Temlam Inc, a division of Tembec, from 2000 to 2004. Very involved with the immigrant and aboriginal communities in his region, he retired quite young in 2018. A father of eight children, Mr. Daigle has felt particularly challenged by the interference of government in the private lives of citizens, especially over the past two years. He has been deeply shaken by the Draconian measures, the governance by decree, the laws passed by the Legault government without any real debate or opposition, the fostering of division between people, the constant daily narrative of fear, and the social stresses that all Quebecers have suffered under. He worries especially about the effects of these impositions on children, for whom he thinks the short-, medium- and long-term consequences have been seriously understated.

“I only want one thing. I want my children to have the chance to live the same way I lived my youth, FREE! Can we give this same gift to our children? Éric Duhaime and the Conservative Party of Quebec have been a revelation to me, with a platform and an authenticity that make it possible to believe that we can bring peace and social equity back to Quebec.”

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