Roy Eappen

Dr. Roy Eappen is a specialist physician in Montreal and an assistant professor of Medicine at McGill University. 

His father came to Canada by boat, in 1956 from Kerala India ,to get his PHD in physics. Dr. Roy was born in 1963 in Kerala, India, and emigrated to NDG with his mother, who was a family doctor. He went to Rosedale Elementary school, West Hill High Scool in NDG and then to Marionopolis for Cegep. After that he attended MCGill university for Medical school.

Dr. Roy has been involved in politics behind the scenes for many years. With Joanne Marcotte, Eric Duhaime, and Ian Sénéchal he confounded the Reseau Liberte Quebec about 12 years ago, a movement to unite conservative and libertarian Quebecers and to urge Quebecers to be more politically active. Dr. Roy believes in liberty of thought , religion and speech . He opposes government coercion, which is why he opposes bill 96. Roy did French immersion in high school and has a certificate of bilingual studies. He believes French is an amazing asset and should be well taught to all Quebecers. He also thinks that knowing other languages is very important. As well as French and English, Roy studied Genab.

Dr. Roy is quite concerned about Quebec's healthcare system. As a frontline physician during the pandemic, he has witnessed its many inadequacies. He sits on the PCQ Health Committee with other healthcare workers to try and fix our ailing system and helped to write the PCQ platform on health. He thinks we should use best practices of public health care systems such as in Sweden, Germany and South Korea. All these countries have some degree of private care. The centralization of healthcare system in Quebec under the Liberals and CAQ has slowed down response times. Dr. Roy joins with many other Quebec physicians in calling to reverse the massive project of decentralization. He also calls for funding to follow the patient in terms of hospitalizations.

Dr. Roy is a longtime member of the PCQ since its founding. He is proud to back the PCQ team and proud of his friend Eric Duhaime. He will continue to fight to make Quebec freer, more prosperous , healthier, better educated and a welcoming place to all individuals.

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