Sabrina Ait Akil

Sabrina Ait Akil is originally from Oran in Algeria, she holds a Certificate of Graduate Studies in Business Administration from the John Molson School of Management and a bachelorde gree in political science from McGill University.

Living in Montreal since 1996, Ms Akil has worked in the banking sector since 2013 as an international services advisor. She questioned the real value of our Charter of Rights and Freedoms during the "political-sanitary fiasco" of the Legault government, particularly in terms of governance by decree. It is as a citizen, certainly angry, but especially in search of justice, that she makes the leap into politics to restore common sense and allow every citizen to live his life without the interference of the government. 

"Every day, I see a little more damage caused by the pathological interventionism of the government. The numerous lockdowns and far-fetched health restrictions kept merchants from doing business and prospering.This is unacceptable. Parents must also be given the choice to educate their children as they see fit. We are all born free and equal, it is imperative that we recognize that our inherent rights are what enable us to live in a prosperous society."

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