Sam Nassr

Sam Nassr was born in Cairo, Egypt, and has lived in Laval since 1979. The father of two children, who holds a Bachelor's degree in economics from Concordia University, has owned his company since 2004.

He is involved in several restaurant and bar associations and has previously worked as a bilingual instructor. His life history has led him to be concerned about the authoritarian drift of the past two years.
He is profoundly committed to human rights and freedoms and will stand up for those rights.

“I come from a family of 4 children, and we had the misfortune of losing our parents at a very young age. Rights and freedoms were violated in my country of origin, and when I saw what happened over the past two years, it frightened me.  People seem to think there's no cause for concern when our rights magically disappear overnight. I can tell you that’s not true. I promise to take a stand to reduce government involvement in every aspect of people's lives, a society where everyone is free to thrive without unnecessary constraints.”

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 (438) 299-8549

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