Sébastien Clavet

Self-employed in the field of e-commerce, Sébastien Clavet has worked with major companies such as Sony, Disney and Hasbro.

Holder of a DEP in electricity, he studied for a Bachelor’s degree in administration and political science before becoming a political attaché for the ADQ in 2007-2008. At 46, Mr. Clavet is a man of action with wide-ranging work experience. He has been director of the Montmagny Chamber of Commerce, and has worked as both an administrative technician for the Ministry of Revenue and a political columnist on the radio.

“I am very proud to run as a candidate for the Conservative Party of Quebec. It is time to give people back their freedom of choice and to bring individual responsibility back to the forefront. Quebec faces great challenges, but the solutions are there as long as there is a real will to tackle them and the courage to do things differently. The addition of private health care, the development and intelligent use of our natural resources, and the construction of a third link to the south shore are all issues that I intend to support.”

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 (581) 221-0470

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