Serge Cloutier

Serge Cloutier lives in Repentigny and holds a PhD in microbiology/immunology from Université Laval.

As a specialist in analytical techniques, he works with laboratories, pharmaceutical companies and academic scientists carrying out environmental, food safety and drug safety analyses. A resident of the city of Repentigny itself, Dr. Cloutier found that CPQ’s proposals on the environment and the harnessing of natural resources resonated particularly well with him.

“We all want to live in a better environment, and we share the same planet with other nations. Contrary to what some may think, the CPQ's environmental platform is actually the most ambitious. By harnessing our resources, we can allow other less fortunate countries to replace and gradually eliminate more pollution-intensive energy sources such as coal and wood. Not only can we help our trading partners reduce their greenhouse gas emissions and get rid of our dependence on foreign gas imports, but we can also enrich Quebec.”

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