Stéfan Marquis

Stéfan Marquis graduated from the University of Montreal in 1996 with a Bachelor’s in Architecture and has been working in private practice for 12 years now. Working for several renowned architectural firms including Lapointe Magne, and Jodoin Lamarre Pratte allowed the architect to acquire a great deal of experience in his field.

Mr. Marquis aims to solve several major issues that affect Quebecers in Sainte-Marie-Saint-Jacques by employing the principles of Quebec conservatism, policies that offer the best tools for democratic governance that is both liberating and inclusive:

 “In Quebec, we have a history that defines us and new collective challenges that are taking shape. These challenges are colossal: repairing social breakdowns, curbing inflation, restoring crumbling government services, putting an end to infringement of our individual freedoms, supporting a shaken population, reawakening our neglected youth, and encouraging the return of local small and medium enterprises. I am firmly committed to doing everything I can to meet these challenges and to dedicating myself to my fellow citizens in Saint-Marie-Saint-Jacques.”

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