Stefano Piscitelli

Stefano Piscitelli works as a business transformation management and digital transformation consultant.  

For nearly 20 years, his expertise has helped transform major Canadian companies, including Aeroplan, Air Canada and the Business Development Bank of Canada. Married with 4 children, he also served as a volunteer head coach on sports teams at the Laval Women's Hockey Association and hockey and soccer associations in Monteuil.

“How many of you have had to shut down your business, lost your income, lost your job, or gone into debt? How many of you are struggling to pay for groceries, gas, medication, rent, bills? How many of you have lost friendships, had family ties broken, have parents or grandparents who have been isolated without you being allowed to visit them for months?  How many of you have felt like criminals, forced to stay locked in your home during inexplicable lockdowns that we've been reminded of through Amber Alerts? It is for all these reasons, many of which have affected my family, that I am getting involved in politics.”

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