Stéphane Bernier

Born in Granby, Stéphane Bernier has been living in Ange-Gardien since 2013. A graduate of the Cégep de Granby in Technical and Commercial Representation, the 41-year-old entrepreneur has owned the restaurant Dame Tartine for six years.

Before embarking on his restaurant business, Mr. Bernier also owned a supplement shop and a gym. 

“I am running for office so that we may never again let a party bully us out of our rights and freedoms and decide for us what is essential and what is not. There has been so much suffering and it's still going on—it is unacceptable. Only the Conservative Party of Quebec is proposing to amend the Public Health Act so that a state of health emergency can never again just be automatically renewed every ten days, without any debate in the National Assembly. We must also reduce the size of the state and reassess its insidious interference in every area of its citizens’ lives.”

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